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  • Noosa Running Tours is not responsible for any health problems caused by this service.
  • I understand and take responsibility for the risks running and impact physical excursion has on my health.
  • I understand that the Tour implies physical activity. I confirm that I am in good physical condition and that I know my physical limitations for requesting breaks as appropriate in order to avoid any health problems.
  • Noosa Running Tours will not be responsible for any road accidents or any other kind of accident that are caused by acts attributable to the customer or a third party.
  • I understand that participation may result in injury and/or death if I do not take necessary caution and abide by national park regulations.
  • I will follow instructions from the guide regarding local pedestrian laws and national park laws during the tour.
  • I understand that the Tours take place through national park terrain and streets with traffic.
  • I want to do a Running Tour running throughout Noosa.
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