"Discover Noosa on Your Feet"

About Us

Noosa Running Tours offer personalised, guided run and hike tours through the picture perfect beaches, boardwalks, parks, rivers, trails and unique coastal surroundings of Noosa.  Our tours offer a unique nature-based activity for visitors who enjoy the invigorating mix of exploration and exercise. 


We welcome anyone who likes to pick up the pace while travelling and away from home.  Noosa Running Tours gives runners of any level the opportunity to experience Noosa in a dynamic, safe, healthy and fun way.

Our Program

We conduct regular daily tours with range of distance and tracks to suit any level of runner.  Tours are shaped around your needs as a runner and visitor, with destinations dependent on the ability and interest of the group or individual.   All tours offer relaxed runs that set out to familarise you with the area while learning new interesting routes and a few facts as we go.  The majority of our tours explore the Noosa National Park which hugs some of Queensland's most picturesque coastline and also home to wildlife such as the glossy black-cockatoo, ground parrot, koala, goanna and echinda; to name a few. 

Along with daily tours, we offer private and customized group tours, a terrific way for conference groups to change up their networking activities. 

Our tours are led by local guides; experienced, knowledgeable, fun to run with; and who live and breathe Noosa life. 

The Noosa National Park covers  4,000 hectares encompassing four areas, the majority of our tours take place within the  Headland Section but outside of  the well pounded coastal track. With the Qld Government National Parks and Recreation safety warning to never walk alone in the park and to stay on marked walking tracks, Noosa Running Tours (a permitted operation) provides visitors a safe and professional alternative to experience the parks beauty. 

"5 stars  - Great way to explore some hidden treasures of Noosa and experience nature while running with fab guide Nicola." Julie, Sydney, Australia

Having taken part in a tour during a recent visit to Noosa I can't imagine a better way to experience the breathtaking coastal scenery of the National Park. A great way to keep fit and counteract some of the other indulgences that Noosa has to offer. Our guide  Nicola's local knowledge was invaluable and her enthusiasm infectious. A really enjoyable way to spend a morning in a beautiful natural environment, and healthy too!"  Richard, Margaret River, WA

"On my recent trip to Noosa I was fortunate to have a run with Nicola of Noosa Running Tours, well...from the moment we started it was all fun and go! I wouldn't have been able to view the beautiful coastline and forest without the tour. I have visited Noosa a few times before and I didn't know what I was missing. I would definitely want to return and would enjoy the company and guidance of Nicola. Wonderful experience and I would certainly recommend, well done :)" Liz, Auckland, NZ